India National Cricket Team Vs Australian Men’s Cricket Team Stats: Head-to-Head Comparison

The stats of the India National Cricket Team vs Australian Men’s Cricket Team show competitive and intense performances between both teams. The India National Cricket Team and Australian Men’s Cricket Team have a long-standing rivalry, consistently delivering thrilling and intense matches on the cricket field.

With a history dating back decades, these two teams have faced each other in numerous formats, including Test matches, One-Day Internationals (ODIs), and Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is). This intense rivalry is fueled by the competitive spirit shown by both teams, each striving to outperform the other and claim victory.

The stats of their encounters reflect the fierce nature of these matches, showcasing close contests, impressive individual performances, and memorable moments that have etched themselves in cricketing history. Let’s look at the stats, records, and memorable moments that define the clash between the India National Cricket Team and the Australian Men’s Cricket Team.

Historical Performance

India National Cricket Team Performance

india national cricket team vs australian men’s cricket team stats

India’s national cricket team has shown strong consistency in their performance over the years.

Australian Men’s Cricket Team Performance

The Australian men’s cricket team has a rich history of dominating the sport.

Head-to-head Matches

The head-to-head matches between the India National Cricket Team and the Australian Men’s Cricket Team have been closely contested. Let’s examine their performance in various game formats.

Overall Matches Played

These two cricketing powerhouses have faced each other in XX matches across different formats, including T20, ODI, and Test matches.

T20 Matches:

  • India and Australia have faced off 26 times in T20 Internationals (T20Is).
  • India holds the upper hand with 15 wins, while Australia has secured 10 victories

ODI Matches:

  • In One Day Internationals (ODIs), these cricketing giants have met 150 times.
  • Australia has emerged victorious in 83 matches, while India has secured 57 wins.

Test Matches:

  • The intense rivalry extends to the Test arena, where India and Australia have engaged in 102 matches.
  • Australia leads with 43 wins, while India has triumphed in 30 matches. There was also 1 tied match, and 28 matches ended in draws.

Key Players Comparison

When it comes to the India National Cricket Team and Australian Men’s Cricket Team stats, a key aspect lies in comparing the performance of the star players. Let’s compare the key players from both teams regarding batting superstars, bowling heroes, and all-rounders.

Batting Superstars

The Indian team boasts Virat Kohli, who is known for his exceptional batting prowess and adeptness in pressure situations. On the other hand, the Australian team has Steve Smith, whose unorthodox yet effective batting style makes him a formidable opponent. The statistics of both players reflect their immense contributions to their respective teams’ success.

Bowling Heroes

Looking at the bowling department, India’s Jasprit Bumrah stands out for his lethal yorkers and unplayable variations. Conversely, Australia’s Pat Cummins has been a consistent wicket-taker with his precise line and length. Both players have been pivotal in their teams’ victories with their astute bowling performances.


Regarding all-rounders, India’s Ravindra Jadeja is hailed for his dynamic batting and exceptional fielding skills, complemented by his accurate left-arm spin. Australia’s Glenn Maxwell is known for his explosive batting and handy off-spin, adding depth to his team’s lineup. These all-rounders are crucial in balancing the team composition and adding value with both bat and ball.

Team Records

Explore the intriguing team records of the India National Cricket Team versus the Australian Men’s Cricket Team to uncover captivating statistics and performance comparisons. Discover the dynamic history and competitive edge between these two powerhouse cricketing nations.

As we delve into the intriguing world of cricket, it’s essential to highlight the remarkable team records achieved by the India National Cricket Team and the Australian Men’s Cricket Team. These remarkable statistics showcase the prowess and resilience of these two cricketing giants.

Highest Team Total

The India National Cricket Team holds the highest team total record in Test matches, with a staggering 759 runs against England in 2016, while the Australian Men’s Cricket Team achieved a formidable 662 runs in a Test match against England in 1946.

Lowest Team Total

In Test matches, the India National Cricket Team’s lowest team total was 42 runs against England in 1974. Conversely, the Australian Men’s Cricket Team faced their lowest team total of 36 runs against England in 1902.

Biggest Wins

India National Cricket Team’s most significant victory margin in Test matches is a resounding innings and 239 runs against Bangladesh in 2017. Similarly, the Australian Men’s Cricket Team’s most significant win was by an equally impressive innings and 332 runs against South Africa in 2002. These astonishing team records exemplify the incredible feats achieved by the India National Cricket Team and the Australian Men’s Cricket Team, solidifying their status as powerhouses in the world of cricket.

Fierce Rivalries

Few rivalries in cricket can match the intensity of the clashes between the Indian National Cricket Team and the Australian Men’s Cricket Team. The two teams have a long-standing history of fierce competitions, thrilling encounters, and controversial moments. Let’s examine some of the most memorable encounters and controversies shaping this intense rivalry.

Memorable Encounters

The matches between the India National Cricket Team and the Australian Men’s Cricket Team have produced some unforgettable moments that will be etched in the memories of cricket fans forever. Let’s recap some of those thrilling encounters:

  • 2001 – Eden Gardens Miracle: In one of the greatest comebacks in cricket history, the Indian team, led by VVS Laxman’s epic 281 and Rahul Dravid’s resilient 180, staged a remarkable turnaround to defeat Australia after following on. This victory still resonates as a testament to the fighting spirit of the Indian players.
  • 2008 – Monkeygate scandal: The Sydney Test match 2008 became infamous for the controversial ‘Monkeygate’ incident. During the match, Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh was accused of racially abusing Australian all-rounder Andrew Symonds. This incident sparked massive controversies and strained diplomatic relations between the two nations.
  • 2017 – Border-Gavaskar Trophy: The 2017 Border-Gavaskar Trophy witnessed an intense battle between the two teams. The series was marked by exceptional performances from players like Steve Smith, who scored centuries in four consecutive matches, and Ravindra Jadeja, who claimed a crucial 10-wicket haul in one of the matches.


Controversies are inevitable in fierce rivalries, and the clashes between India and Australia have not been devoid of them. Here are some notable controversies that have stirred up this rivalry:

  1. 2008 – Harbhajan Singh Suspension: Following the Monkeygate scandal, Harbhajan Singh was suspended for three matches due to alleged racial abuse. However, the ban was later overturned, causing further uproar and debates among cricket enthusiasts.
  2. 2018 – Sandpaper Gate: In 2018, the Australian team faced a major controversy during the South Africa tour. During the third Test match, Cameron Bancroft was caught tampering with the ball using sandpaper. This led to his suspension and subsequent repercussions for captain Steve Smith and vice-captain David Warner. This incident strained the relationship between the two teams even further.
  3. 2021 – Racial Abuse: The 2021 Test series witnessed a disturbing incident where Indian players were subjected to racial abuse from a section of the Australian crowd. This incident drew widespread criticism and highlighted the need for stricter measures against such behaviour in cricket.

The clash between the India National Cricket Team and the Australian Men’s Cricket Team is always highly anticipated and fiercely contested. These intense encounters and controversies have added a layer of drama and excitement to this long-standing rivalry. As cricket fans eagerly await the next chapter in this saga, it is evident that the battle between these two cricketing giants will continue to captivate audiences worldwide.

Recent Form

The recent performances of India National Cricket Team and Australian Men’s Cricket Team have been closely watched by fans and analysts alike. Let’s delve into the statistics to analyze how both teams have been faring in the recent past

India’s Recent Performance

India has shown strong form in recent matches, with an impressive win rate.

Australia’s Recent Performance

india national cricket team vs australian men’s cricket team stats

Australia has also displayed a commendable performance, showcasing their prowess in the cricketing world.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Matches Have India And Australia Played Against Each Other?

The Indian national and Australian men’s cricket teams have played 148 matches against each other in all formats of the game as of 2021.

Who Has The Better Head-to-head Record, India Or Australia?

In head-to-head matches, Australia has a slight edge over India, with more wins in both Test and One-Day International (ODI) game formats.

What Is The Overall Performance Of The Indian Team Against Australia?

The Indian national cricket team has shown a competitive performance against Australia, especially in recent years, with an impressive win-loss ratio.

How Does The Indian Team Perform Against Australia In Different Cricket Formats?

India has performed strongly in limited-overs cricket against Australia, with a balanced success rate in T20s and ODIs. It has also performed well in Test matches.


The statistics showcase the fierce rivalry between the Indian National Cricket Team and the Australian Men’s Cricket Team. From the number of matches played to the overall wins and player performances, this head-to-head battle has enthralled cricket fans worldwide.


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